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Paper News – The Independent Publisher’s Quarterly

I am happy to announce the first Issue of Paper News – The Independent Publisher’s Quarterly
An initiative by Drucken Heften Laden.

Drucken Heften Laden discusses and analyses the conditions and possibilities for independent publishing in the context of art and city (politics). As a group of small Berlin based producers and publishers, we are interested to negotiate and sharpen our idea of what „independent“ and „self“ publishing means. Drucken Heften Laden filters and disseminates information, and creates a public platform for exchange and discussion, accessible to everyone interested in such practice.

Get the pdf…

…or pick one of the beautifully risoprinted copies at:
proqm, Berlin

Redaktion: Bedel, Berkes, Lattner, Mettler, Sack, Wohlgemuth
Gestaltung: Janine Sack
Korrektorat: Sophie Wohlgemuth
Cartoon: Yves Mettler
Font: PF Bague Sans Pro, Parachute
Druck: adocs Verlag und Produktion, Hamburg


Drucken Heften Laden :
Scriptings / Achim Lengerer
von hundert (Andreas Koch)
The Green Box
Edition Bernward Reul
Errant Bodies (Brandon LaBelle)
botopress (Christian Berkes, Sophie Wohlgemuth)
Meta/Books (Delphine Bedel)
Berliner Hefte zur Geschichte und Gegenwart der Stadt
(Erik Göngrich, Heimo Lattner, Katja Reichard, Ines Schaber, Florian Wüst)
Pro Qm (Katja Reichard)
Michael J. Baers
Archive Books (Paolo Caffoni)
Books People Places (Peter Schmidt)
Architektur in Gebrauch (Sandra Bartoli, Silvan Linden)
ztscrpt (Yves Mettler)
Janine Sack / Sackbuch


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