M (Notes on the Meander)






“This is a book about the meander (M), a collection of material (thoughts, documents, photographs etc.), how it has been developed, used and related to, and how I have tried to relate to it or incorporate it into my own thought and practice. It is the recording of an experiment that led nowhere. This undertaking originated in an attempt to invert my usual working practice of extracting and reconfiguring abstract patterns from my immediate environment, and instead take an abstract pattern or term as a departure point and apply it to my surroundings.

Although M is mostly perceived as an ancient Greek pattern, I soon realized that it was neither Greek in origin nor was the term M reserved for the pattern but widely used and understood in a number of different ways and contexts. The more layers I discovered about M the more the different dimensions started to intertwine and merge into one another. As I moved on I started thinking of M more in terms of an all pervading dynamic. Consequently this book which began as an investigation on M became more and more about and finally turned into the act of meandering, as a way to move about without destination or goal to get lost and finally arrive nowhere, the center of M.”  www.wolfvonkries.de


240 pages
105 illustrations
200 x 250 mm
Softcover, saddlestitched
French / English
Design: Janine Sack and Wolf von Kries
Published by Centre d´art contemporain de la Ferme de Buisson

ISBN 978-2-909958-03-3
EUR 18,00

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