REP book

R.E.P. Revolutionary Experimental Space

I am super happy and proud to see this book finished: R.E.P. Revolutionary Experimental Space, The Green Box, Berlin, 2015
It shows and reflects on the inspiring work of the Ukrainian artist group “Revolutionary Experimental Space”.

“The R.E.P. group emerged when young Ukrainian artists went out onto the square, declaring their existence at the height of the Orange Revolution (2004). Through works reflecting on current events and issues the artists strived to create a context for contemporary art in their post-Soviet country. This catalogue brings together R.E.P.’s decade of work questioning the possibility of community and the common.”



REP chronology

REP Patriotism

272 pages
150 illustrations
160 x 240 mm
English / Ukrainian
Janine Sack

The Green Box, Berlin 2015

ISBN 978-3-941644-76-2
EUR 32,00
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